Be Featured in our Top Behavior Analyst Magazine

Applications are now being accepted and our selection committee is hard at work.

Would you like to be featured in a magazine of top behavior analysts who are impacting the field?

My name is Quinn and in my career I have started, built and sold several companies. In the last six years, I helped launch, oversee, and grow a private therapy practice offering ABA therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy from 0 to over 40 employees. We are now the most highly-rated and sought-after practice in Chicago.

Four years ago, I launched a publishing division focused on therapy providers. We publish newsletters, resource guides, and speech-focused children’s books. It has been extremely successful. Dozens of other therapy practices have licensed the content of our publications, such as the newsletters and informational booklets, printing and distributing them in their local market.

I share all this to give you insight into the next ground-breaking opportunity we are about to offer, but it is only for those few who recognize its value.

We are offering you the chance to be featured in our soon-to-be-released magazine entitled “Top Behavior Analysts Who are Impacting the Field.” We have been working tirelessly for the last year. It is going to be an incredible career accomplishment to those who are selected to be featured in it. This opportunity is TOTALLY FREE with no obligation or string attached!

Top 100 Behavior Analysts Impacting the Field - Chicago ABA Thearpy

You could be selected and featured in this magazine, with your picture on the cover. Every other field has a magazine such as this. There are magazines for top doctors, top realtors, and top lawyers. Our field deserves to have a magazine as well! Once you are selected and featured in this magazine, you can post it on your blog, give it to potential clients, provide it to referral sources, and more.

What kinds of applicants appeal to our selection committee? We seek behavior analysts who regularly work with clients and are making a difference. You might have started a unique practice, serve a special population, be an expert in a niche, have a well-read blog, work under challenging circumstances, led an initiative, taught or trained others, developed a neat product, created an app, or something else! We are excited to hear about your personal story. We seek unique applicants with various backgrounds, experiences, and practices.

Our magazine profilers and editors will talk to you about how to convey your story and highlight your accomplishments.

To explore this opportunity, go to complete the guided application. We are limiting the number of applicants, so please reach out immediately if interested. We are only accepting a handful of candidates from each area for this opportunity. Contact us right away before we stop accepting applicants to be featured in this magazine. A sample of the cover is provided on this webpage above.

If you would like to speak to us first, feel free to call us at 773-630-4400 and mention “Top Behavior Analysts Magazine” or complete the application at