Getting Started in ABA Therapy

First, an intake appointment is made.

At the intake appointment, a diagnostic interview will be conducted with the caregivers to obtain detailed information about the referral concerns and your child’s developmental history, medical history, and family history. Direct observations of your child will occur during the intake appointment by either the intake psychologist or a behavior therapist. The information from the direct observations will aid in diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Next, your child has a skill assessment.

A skill assessment is taken of the child of their language, social, self‐help, fine/gross motor and play skills currently in your child’s repertoire will be completed. Depending on the frequency and duration of therapy, as well as the current skill level of your child, the total number of sessions necessary to complete the baseline assessment can vary.

Finally, an individualized plan is developed.

After the intake appointment and skill assessment is done the treatment plan can be administered. Development and Implementation of the Individual Treatment Plan (ITP): The results of the skills assessment provide the necessary information to generate an individual treatment plan (ITP) for your child that will address the referral concerns. The therapist will discuss with you the proposed goals and assessment results. Each child has his/her own program book that contains his/her treatment plan, curriculum skills graphs, data sheets outlining the specific goals targeted for each program in the acquisition and other graphs for behavioral interventions of various kinds.

Progress is monitored and plans are altered throughout the treatment process. 

Data will be collected and analyzed on an ongoing basis so that your child’s progress can be monitored. As your child masters skills, the treatment plan will be updated to reflect your child’s progress. In the event that progress is slower than expected, treatment plans can be updated to reflect revised teaching strategies and new goals.