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Chicago ABA Therapy is committed to delivering outstanding Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy specifically designed for children with Autism. ABA is a scientifically validated approach that focuses on understanding and improving behaviors. Our expert team explores how each child learns and adapts, guiding them in acquiring vital developmental skills and minimizing challenging behaviors.

Compassionate, Play-Based ABA Therapy for Your Child

At Chicago ABA Therapy, we understand that each child is unique, and we customize our therapy to meet these individual needs. Our aim is to support every child in becoming their true self, equipping them with the necessary tools to foster relationships and enhance independence both at home and in broader community settings.

Our approach is rooted in a neurodiversity-affirming perspective, where we celebrate the distinct personality of each child. Our clinicians collaborate closely with families to create personalized treatment plans that ensure success, tailored to each child’s specific learning preferences. Our dedicated team of ABA therapists is extensively trained in a variety of proven methods, including the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), with a strong focus on engaging children through play-based therapy.

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Compassionate, Play-Based ABA Therapy for Your Child

Benefits of ABA Therapy

Families at Chicago ABA Therapy benefit from ABA therapy in various ways, including:
Enhanced Social Skills | Chicago ABA Therapy

Enhanced Social Skills

Reduction of Learning Barriers | Chicago ABA Therapy

Reduction of Learning Barriers

Promoting Independence | Chicago ABA Therapy

Promoting Independence

Supporting Smooth Transitions | Chicago ABA Therapy

Supporting Smooth Transitions

Developing Essential Skills | Chicago ABA Therapy

Developing Essential Skills

Embracing Neurodiversity | Chicago ABA Therapy

Embracing Neurodiversity

Collaborative Care Team | Chicago ABA Therapy

Collaborative Care Team

Play-Based Learning Opportunities | Chicago ABA Therapy

Play-Based Learning Opportunities

Focusing on Strengths | Chicago ABA Therapy

Focusing on Strengths

Creating a Supportive and Secure Environment | Chicago ABA Therapy

Creating a Supportive and Secure Environment

Empowering Caregivers | Chicago ABA Therapy

Empowering Caregivers

What is ABA Therapy for Autism?

Chicago ABA Therapy utilizes a personalized and scientifically-backed approach to ABA therapy, designed to meet the unique needs of children on the autism spectrum. Our individualized care plans carefully consider how each child interacts with their surroundings, equipping them with effective strategies to successfully navigate their world.

ABA therapy is recognized as an evidence-based practice that notably enhances skill acquisition and reduces challenging behaviors or barriers. At Chicago ABA Therapy, we address a broad spectrum of skills, including expressive and receptive language, social interactions with peers and adults, and cognitive abilities, as well as imitation and play. Our primary objective is to empower each learner to achieve personal independence and autonomy, enabling them to realize their greatest potential.

During the course of ABA therapy, our dedicated team engages with children to develop essential developmental skills encompassing communication, behavior management, cognitive growth, social interaction, and play. Our approach is focused on expanding each child’s range of skills, which in turn helps to mitigate challenging behaviors through positive reinforcement and proactive intervention strategies.

What is ABA Therapy for Autism?

Play-Based Therapy Using the ESDM

Kids learn best through play! Our therapy team uses the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) with our earliest learners to create a plan that highlights your child’s interests and preferences and uses these to develop teaching opportunities. Our goal is to find your child’s smile - that joy lends to natural learning. By incorporating learning opportunities within developmentally appropriate play, your child will be able to reach their fullest potential.

The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a method of ABA therapy most commonly used with our earliest learners diagnosed with Autism. It is a comprehensive, play-based approach to therapy that targets play, language, social-emotional, personal independence, and cognitive skills through developmentally appropriate activities. The ESDM can be conducted across settings and people, including ABA therapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and, most importantly, caregivers!

Leading with the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) for Autism

ABA Therapy Principles

Your Child Possesses Unique Strengths | CST Academy

Empowering Unique Strengths

At Chicago ABA Therapy, we focus on nurturing each child's inherent strengths to help them achieve their full potential. We tailor learning experiences to overcome social and educational challenges across all environments, encouraging each child to thrive.

Children Learn Best Through Play | CST Academy

Play as a Pathway to Learning

Understanding that children learn naturally through play, we integrate key developmental lessons into playful activities. This approach makes therapy enjoyable and effective, fostering learning through engagement and joy.

Learning Is A Collaborative Process | CST Academy

Collaborative Learning Approach

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we partner with parents and a multidisciplinary team to ensure a comprehensive approach to your child’s development. This team effort enhances therapy integration into daily routines, promoting consistent progress.

130+ 5-Star Google Reviews | Chicago ABA Therapy

"We were so happy with our experience with Chicago ABA. We began working with them when our son was almost 4, a few months after his autism diagnosis. It was such an amazing team to work with - everyone was professional, responsive, flexible, and worked so hard for our son to meet his goals, which he did beautifully. We worked together for almost 2 years before he left for kindergarten, and in that time period he met almost all of his goals. We went through several bumps in the road with behavioral difficulties, and the Chicago ABA team did an amazing job helping us problem solve, try new strategies and think of ways to translate those strategies at home. We couldn't recommend them more highly - anyone who works with Chicago ABA will be lucky to have the experience!"

"Chicago ABA Therapy is a boon for special needs kids and parents. They take a play-based, personalized approach and meet the kids where they are. They also go above and beyond - our ABA therapist took time to make sure we as parents understood every aspect of our child's experience, understood how to read his progress reports and generally made us feel a part of his therapy. My child loved all his therapists. Highly recommend the team!"

5-Star Google Reviews
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