The Ultimate Aspiring BCBA Experience


This illustrated guide provides helpful information about Chicago ABA Therapy’s aspiring BCBA experience. It details our one-of-a-kind culture of excellence and how we provide a variety of clinical experiences.


Title: The Ultimate Aspiring BCBA Experience

Authors: Megan Morien, Evan Campa, Samantha Sohngen, Madie Szaller

As an aspiring BCBA, you are required to complete experience hours under the supervision of a fully certified BCBA. At Chicago ABA Therapy, we offer aspiring BCBAs the opportunity to work full time in our thriving private practice in Chicago. In doing this, you will be immersed in our practice and gain experience to become an extraordinary BCBA.

Aspiring BCBAs report that the experience was life-changing for many reasons, including the opportunity to work closely with an exceptional team of mentors.