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“You just have that moment where this is where I’m meant to be, this is what I love doing.”

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“Samantha was very enthusiastic and made me feel hopeful for my son’s progress. She also shared with me techniques to deal with difficult behavior and came up with a plan for things that I could do to work with my son when she wasn’t present.”

“We could not be more thankful for Megan Morien of Chicago ABA Therapy. She has been incredible with our son and his needs and beyond caring and receptive from the beginning.”


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About Chicago ABA Therapy


At Chicago ABA Therapy, we recognize that every child possesses unique needs and tailor our care accordingly. Clinicians work closely with parents to develop an individualized treatment plan that guarantees success for every child based on their individual learning style. Our exceptional team of ABA therapists has extensive training in a wide range of evidence-based techniques, including the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), and more.